What is a Toner for Hair? How Long Does Toner Last?

What is a Toner for Hair? How Long Does Toner Last?

The semi-permanent hair colors known as toners are applied on pre-lightened hair to call off yellow and orange tones and even brassiness. Your blonde gets a specific look by using toner. Toner adds the glow to your hair. Not only it adds shininess but also give healthier look too. Basically, the toner is used to tone your hair just as hair dye or purple shampoo is used for toning. It helps in softening the color. In some cases, if hair is naturally lighter blonde then toner is not required. The question often arises that how long does the toner last? So to answer this question I will provide you the following points –

  • Toner can last for about four to five weeks depending on how many times you wash your hair. Daily you hair wash then it will fade out easily and if you wash once in a week then you can get toned hair for a month.
  • In your hair, if toner does not last then there can be many reasons behind it. If your shampoo contains sodium lauryl sulfate then your blonde won’t look nice for the longer time.
  • Swimming in salt water can also fade your hair and the rays of the sun at the beach can also damage your hair.
  • Toners will work on blonde hair and not on darker hair.

The shade of the blonde hair is manipulated by using toner which will make your hair cooler and ashier or some different colors like pink and purple. You can use toner all over your hair or just in the specific part where you feel like to change the shade. It can tone the roots to provide natural look or the part of your hair with highlights. Toning can be done anywhere – it can be done at home or at the salons for touch-ups. Purple shampoo, ammonia toners or dye are used for toning.  


You can neutralize and correct the tone of your hair without lightening it further with the help of a blonde toner. It can enhance the shine and condition of your hair. The dull looking hair gains brightness by it. To prevent the fading of your toned hair you can use hair care range which is rich in antioxidant complex and UV filters. By using it your hair will be protected from fading and will give you radiant- looking color. Your hair will become silky soft. The toner which is ammonia free and has low-level oxidant deposit pigment beneath the surface of the hair to adjust the tone. It corrects the color tones in hair including unwanted brassy and coppery colors. For damaged hair, it can act as a filler by providing it more uniform look. It softens the transition between outgrowth and colored hair. Basically, it adds shininess to color-treated hair. If you compare hair toner with hair dye, then you will find that hair dye damages your hair more than the toner. Hair toner will tone your hair to a darker shade.

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