Reviewed: One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color

Reviewed: One 'N Only Argan Oil Hair Color

We know that an Argan Oil is an effective hair and skin moisturizer which is used to get healthy, hydrate, and soften skin and hair. An Argan Oil is made from the kernels of an Argan Tree whose native place is Morocco. Due to this, an Argan Oil is called a Moroccan Oil sometimes. It is extremely rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, and other beneficial nutrients.

If you want to get an intense color and shine on your hair, get the One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color. This hair care product is sold by One ‘N Only which is an online retailer who markets and sells hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, blow dryers, flat irons, and many other hair care items. Today, we will check the review of One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color.

Ingredients of One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color

You should know that the “Only ‘N Only” Hair Color is not only included 100% pure Argan Oil, but there are some additional ingredients used to give the desired result.

Check the other ingredients below used in the One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair color:

  • Cyclopentasiloxane (used for hair conditioning)
  • Dimethicone (for the treatment of dry and scaly hair)
  • Color reducers
  • Artificial coloring
  • Conditioning catalysts
  • Processing lotions
  • Perfume fragrance

About the One ‘N Only Hair Color

This Argan Oil hair color is available in four sizes from a max volume of 8 ounces of the smallest version of 0.25 ounces. It comes in semi-transparent plastic bottles and can be available by spending a few dollars. You should use the mixture as early as you can after opening it, as the ingredients may become vulnerable when coming in the contact of direct sunlight for a long time. So, it is advisable to store the bottle in a cool and dry place which is not directly exposed to the UV rays. As it is not made only from a pure Argan Oil and other ingredients are used in it, you are advised to start with the smallest volume and see whether you get the proper result or not. If it works well, then go for the higher volumes. You can buy One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color from Amazon as the company doesn’t sell it directly.

Use of One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color

The One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color is best used for the hairs which frequently get exposed to hair dryers, curling tools, etc. to avoid causing of frizziness and splitting hair ends. Take a required amount of this oil mixture in your hands and then apply thoroughly on your hair. Remember to wash and dry your hair before applying the mixture as you usually do. Though you can use the One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color for any type of hair, but, if you have oily, then you may not get the results that you want from it.

Are there any side effects of One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color?

Though the side effects are depending on your hair type and how you use this Argan Oil, based on the verified reviews on Amazon, some consumers got an unpleasant texture or did not get the desired color. So, it is advisable to consult your hair care professional before using this oil mixture if you are not sure about its effects.


As we have gone through the detailed review of One ‘N Only Argan Oil Hair Color, we can say that this oil mixture can be used not only for repairing damaged hair, but also helps to strengthen the hair and to get a desired bright color.


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