MIS Degree Worth It – 2021 Ultimate Guide

MIS Degree Worth It

‘Is MIS Degree Worth It’. Before going to this question, one has to understand that what is MIS? MIS is a degree in Management Information system. You’ll learn to develop, deliver, and optimize in a business or organization in an MIS degree. And yes, it is different from a computer science degree. You see, in computer science, they are mainly- focused on the subjects like programming, computer architecture, advanced mathematics etc. Meanwhile, MIS tends to teach the business environment and the skills to use the technology to reach their goals quickly.

MIS Degree Worth It 

MIS Degree Worth ItPros and Cons of an MIS Degree


Less Mathematical

If you see both MIS and CS need basic knowledge of mathematics. And CS is like another mathematical degree; on the other hand, MIS is managed by high-level business schools. The management information system course includes an impartial amount of mathematics, but they are mainly people and business focused compared to CS.

Demand In Market

MIS is more about communication. In MIS, they’ll teach to tackle real-world problems instead of theoretical work. It’s more practical in the business world compared to CS. Because of many businesses everywhere, they’re in demand, and despite that, there are many career options open to it.

MIS coursework gives you the training to forecast the new trends coming in the world, which will help grow the business.

More Beneficial

If we compare salary-wise, then also MIS will win in front of Computer science graduates. Our research saw a BLS report that says the average salary in 2018 for the MIS candidates came out to $142,530/year.

We saw that many MIS graduates advance their skills like mathematics, Computer Science in order to build their skill set. And MIS is an excellent course if you want to continue your education because you work from home and focus on other career-building activities, which you can’t do in any different position.


Absence of Growth Mindset

If you are not one of those who constantly work to upgrade their skills, then sorry, this degree is not for you. If you get satisfied, then you’re over; a fixed mindset makes you dead. You have to be more curious to learn more about your field in order to upgrade yourself to increase your job prospects.


Graduating with an MIS degree can cost you a lot Because most top universities charge a massive amount for the program, and this is one of the main reasons why wouldn’t anyone who is interested in MIS can’t pursue it.

Degree Completion Period

The average time period for completing the degree in the management information system is 3-5 years. If you see far, it is good, but the problem is no one can stay that productive for five years and that is because the number of projects and assignments are very high in this degree.

 MIS Graduates Work?

MIS officials fill the gaps between business people and technology. They tend to work with employees, managers and technology to find new ways and applications which helps them move their business to reach their goals. If we go statistically, most MIS’s have a bachelor degree; however, if you want to work in an advanced position, you can pursue a master’s In MIS.

Final Thoughts

Pursuing an MIS degree is totally worth it as it allows you to take a job in any growing field. And it is most suitable for those who are ready to explore and learn new things. However, some people who don’t have proper knowledge about this field state that this degree is useless. Still, in the end, you should pursue what you love to do and feel passionate about it. That’s all for the day. Thank You for reading.

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