Is West Palm Beach Safe?- Florida’s Hidden Gem

Is West Palm Beach Safe

Are you planning to move to west palm beach? Well, According to our research and talking we have concluded that there is a 70:30 ratio. So let’s find out if you are going to land at a great place or not? In this article, we’ll go through why you should move to west palm beach and why you shouldn’t. 

Is West Palm Beach Safe?- Florida’s Hidden Gem

Is West Palm Beach Safe?Let’s start by looking at some of the excellent factors about WPB.



Florida is one of the seven states who don’t take income tax from its residents, and this is one of the main reasons why the people here want to spend their whole life here.

But the people tend to pay 7% tax on all the retail products from which the 1% will go to the local government fund. So if you own a property there, you have to pay 1013% tax on average yearly. But since you don’t have to pay income tax summed up of all taxes, payment is pretty reasonable.


West Palm Beach city has the eleventh most prominent school in palm country. The school administration has 180 schools under its hands. They are offering over 100 programs and situated only at a four hours drive distance from the city. If you keep schools aside, west palm beach also has palm beach Atlantic university and state college plus.


Most tourists get attracted to west palm beach in summer, but the citizens can also feel the warm climate in winter. The reason behind this is the Gulfstream. The Gulfstream is an underwater river full of warm water. Therefore, vibrant sunny days and sandy beaches attract tourists the most.


Florida already has a flourishing economy, and checking the records, In 2020, the reported unemployment rate of the city was 3.5% in spite of the covid-19 pandemic. Because of the tourism industry, the locals get numerous jobs in food, hospitality and retail.

Apart from local jobs, the citizens also earn from personal small businesses, again because of tourists, their businesses run successfully.


Even though west palm beach is a kind of heaven in itself, there are some superb locations where the locals love to hang out. One of them is flamingo parks with numerous restaurants and shopping centres and just a short drive away from downtown WPB.

And if you want to be close to nature, the Southend is made for you, with beautiful architecture and peaceful surroundings. This place is mainly for families with kids, senior citizens and even youngsters who love a quiet environment.

But suppose you are one of those who love an extroverted lifestyle. In that case, there’s a Cityplace just made for you with a shopping hub including malls, designer boutiques etc. with just walking from the residential area, and there are high-end restaurants and fancy bars, especially for couples and professional people.

And as you know that No place is perfect, so here are some of the harmful factors about WPB.  ( If it matters to you.)



Living in west palm beach can be risky because occasional hurricanes and storms hit the area once in a decade with a speed of 111 miles/hour. It might sound crazy that a decade is not risky, but there are less harsh storms that hit the coast throughout the year. And the storm leaves irreplaceable damage to the area like sinkholes. And these sinkholes are giant and damage the road and buildings.


One thing that the citizens are tired of is the traffic. The Interstate 95 main highway connects the north to south routes, and believe me; it can be tough to navigate it during peak hours.

Even though it is suitable to walk around, there are some places when you require a car to make it, but that is not the real problem. Buying a vehicle is not the problem.To park them, it is the real one. Like most major cities, people have to pay premium charges for parking. The local people use their cars to go to work instead of public transportation.


Apart from all the shiny things, there is a dark side of west palm beach. This area is also known for its high crime rate. So the citizen has a chance as twice as other states residents to be victims of crime. But there is a safe place; one of them is close to the waterfront area and further west with suburbs.


The cost of living in this area is 17% higher than in other states, and housing and transportation play a significant role in this expenditure. As you know, a vehicle is a basic necessity, but the citizens have to pay premium parking charges because of the warm weather throughout the year. In addition, some residents have to fit an air conditioner which will use extra electricity, which means additional expense.

A family of four people should make at least $85000 in order to tackle the living cost, and one person can make it in $38000 a year. But in the end, after paying bills, you will have nothing left in your hand.


There is no doubt in saying that west palm beach is the hidden gem of Florida. It will give you the basic needs and luxurious ones also. Many people stay here to enjoy their after retirement life and enjoy the Wonderful Atmosphere, No taxation policies and Lifestyle; on the other hand, many still want to move in.

But again there are a majority of retired people, so you know the deal is high. There are some downsides also, and crimes and natural disasters are one of them. And as you know, no place is perfect. But still, if this stuff doesn’t really matter to you, you can definitely go for it.

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