Is Etsy Safe and Reliable Website. Find it is Legit or Not!

Is Etsy Safe and Reliable Website. Find it is Legit or Not!

Etsy is an online marketplace like eBay, where sellers and buyers can reach to each other. Etsy is mainly focusing on the small retailers rather than the big companies and brands. Almost anyone – any person can sell on Etsy. Etsy is famous for handmade and vintage items as many sellers put sales under these two categories.

But the ever debating questions are –

  •    Is Etsy Legit?
  •    Is Etsy Safe?
  •    Is Etsy Reliable?

Here we are going to inform you regarding reviews as well as Etsy scams. Let’s start with answering the above questions.

If we are talking about the is Legit or not, then yes, Etsy is a Legit website. Since 2005, this site is online. Currently, it has 1.7 million sellers who are active and around 28 million buyers. Etsy has 10 offices worldwide, and its headquarter is in New York. So yes, it is a registered website and is 100% Legit.

The main question is – “Is Etsy Safe and reliable Website?” Our team has researched a lot in this matter, and found out that –

  • There are many negative reviews regarding and Etsy sellers. Buyers are not at all satisfies with the services, product quality and with the value of the goods.
  • The sellers of Etsy all are small vendors. Here the sellers do not have any big business. Even some sellers are there who sells their items just to earn some extra cash. Unfortunately, some of these sellers are liable for Etsy scams.
  • Etsy buyers say that the products always differ than the descriptions given for the purchasing that particular product. Even the photos of the products are fake provided by the seller.
  • There is one more threat on buyers which can again make them ask the question whether Etsy is safe or not! That is the return policy of Etsy. There are no such return policies. It depends on the individual seller. Though there is a buyer’s protection system to avoid Etsy scams. But still, active buyers do not have any guarantee regarding that.
  • The another reason which makes us do doubts on the Etsy’s reliability is its late deliveries. Sellers do not deliver the products within the mentioned time frame. So, Etsy buyers assume that Etsy is not safe for credit cards.

Is Etsy safe for credit cards?

Buyers do not want to be a victim of any Etsy scams, so they always have one another question in mind that Etsy is safe for credit cards or not! There are several methods of payments, including debit card/credit card payments. But we want to suggest you go with the safe and secure Etsy’s payment option of ‘Direct checkout.’


This article’s primary purpose is to inform you about and tell you whether this website is Legit or not!

Etsy has many negative reviews and complaints regarding sellers, but it is a Legit site. It is a legal entity with some loyal buyers, sellers, and many employees. Even the offices of Etsy are spreading around the world. is one of the fastest growing online shopping websites on the internet today. It is Legit and even safe if we observe the payment sections and buyer’s protection tools. There are few issues regarding sellers who are creating the mess, otherwise, if we try to get the overall picture, it may grow well if such problems of vendors can be solved.

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