Is Backcountry Legit – Fraud Or A Hidden Gem

Is Backcountry Legit

If you are an extrovert who loves travelling and doing adventurous sports, you often need to buy sports gear. Then we have an amazing website for you. Backcountry is a united state based retailing online store designed by and for people. They sell all sorts of camping, outing, sports gear and always have fantastic sales all 365 days. But the only problem with this site is that some people doubt them, like Is Backcountry Legit. So we will clear the air in this article.

Is Backcountry Legit

is backcountry legitBackcountry Categories

For Men: Backcountry has everything that a man needs. With a wide range of clothing choices. Underwear, baselayers, shorts to jackets, pants & shirts etc. They have everything from essentials to occasional wear.

For Women: For the ladies, they have an exclusive collection. Starting from the top, they have jackets, tops, pants to skirts, swimwear and footwear. They have everything that you might be searching for.

For Kids: How can backcountry forget the Lil ones; They even have infants’ clothes. In addition, they got a wide range of eye-catching goodies for kids, which covers pretty much everything one can buy for their kids.

For Activities: Let us not forget about the day outs, camping, hiking, biking or snowboarding. They sell every activity-related gear, and the products are just excellent. Whether it is shoe gear or outerwear for any activity, they have the exact goods you need for that sport.

Isn’t it great? Like if you are one who loves sports or a traveler, or someone who loves to remain active, then this site is a hidden gem for you. We’ll get deep into it just in a moment.

Backcountry Pricing Plan

Because this company sells a wide range of products, it would be not easy to pinpoint a single or specific field of prices of the product selling here. As you know, most e-commerce sites use a price filter in order to give convenience to their customers to find the perfect product which comes under their needs and budget, and Backcountry uses the same strategy.

Moreover, Backcountry gives free shipping for all those orders with a total of more than $50 and a price match guarantee.

In this guarantee, if the customer informs their customer service that the same product they ordered is being sold at less than the price they’re selling on a different e-commerce site, the company will match the published price of the same product with the same size and colour. The product should be in stock and in a brand new condition; if it’s all good, then the company will refund you the difference in that product’s price and credit the amount in your card which you used to purchase the product.

Terms & Conditions: To avail of this guarantee, the customers need to call the customer service within 48 hours after the order being placed.

Is Backcountry Legit? 

So, it’s time for the real question, And the answer is loud and clear: Backcountry is legit!

However, a small issue will pop up and is minor and can be unseen with all the pros. Our research saw that the customers are a little dissatisfied with them, which we will discuss later in this article.

At this moment, I can only say that they’re not a scam. The company has a fantastic return policy, and if there is any problem with the product or the service, you can claim a complaint on their hotline, as simple as that.

Shipping & Return Policy

The shipping of this company is straightforward. If the purchase is over $50, then the delivery will be free of cost. And they usually deliver in 4-5 working days. If it’s urgent, they have a facility called air orders, But the customer needs to place the order before 12 pm.

There are some cutbacks on those shipments as it doesn’t allow PO boxes deliveries, products like automobile accessories and such aren’t delivered in air orders.

Return Policy

If the product is brand new and unused, then the company says that the product should be returned in the condition in which the customer received it. And to have a 100% refund, one has to pay a $6 return charge.

However, for used and damaged products within 30 days of delivery, the company will give you the store credit in your backcountry account.

Customer Reviews

Our research says that the Backcountry is popular and loved by many adventure enthusiastic people. However, if we talk statistically, then they have an average rating of 2.5 stars. This is because many of their international customers didn’t get the product, as shown in the display on the site. And a few were dissatisfied with their service, as we said earlier.

On the other hand, we saw customers love their customer service. If you take my opinion then I would say that – just research a little bit about what you are going to buy and BOOM! You would never be disappointed.

Final Thoughts

At last, I would say Backcountry is legit! They’re not a scam, and you can stop doubting them. And this site is like a gem for people who love to do adventurous sports. I think you were thinking of buying from them and I must give you an honest review, and I did my work. I hope you liked it.

Don’t forget to tell me your experience with the site in the comments below.

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