Is An MPA Worth It – A Must Or Waste Of Time

Is An MPA Worth It

As we can see now, there are many fields in which you can pursue a degree. And doing a masters in public administration can be one of the best among them. Suppose you are interested in working in a social sector like a non-profitable organization, Health department, or managing local government. In that case, MPA is undoubtedly a great way to gain some skills in program management and leadership. So now is the MPA degree worth it? Let’s take a look at it.

Is An MPA Worth It

Is An MPA Worth ItSome Skills That You’ll Learn in MPA Degree

Handling Local Government

When you are studying for a Master of Public Administration, they’ll prepare you to work as a town manager or a senior-level post in the city government. You might need professional experience for getting these positions.

Working in an NGO

Most of the NGO’s give the local public and communities free goods to those who are in need, and this helps the students to grow skills in how to coordinate with government officials.

Health Department

Like NGOs, the Health department is there to provide local people with good health care services. And in MPA, students get to learn about how to communicate and coordinate with health department officials.

Public Finance

In this, Students from the public finance sector analyze government actions towards managing and raising the economy And learn about different economics sectors.

Benefits Of an MPA Degree

Study various subjects

If you see, in MBA degrees they are only business-focused, and that is also good, but in MPA you’ll get to study all sorts of amazing subjects with also some basic knowledge of business studies.

Various Career Paths

I think this is one of the biggest pros of having This Degree. If you are graduated with an Master of Public Administration degree you will get a vast range of career opportunities, Doesn’t matter if you want to choose a public or A Non-Profitable Organization; during pursuing MPA degree, they prepare the student to work at all level of government officials, whether its a federal, state or a local level. And the great thing about this is any NGOs, university, or even healthcare department will prioritize the candidates with an MPA degree.

If you are looking forward to working with the private sector, MPA is the most popular degree among all who want to upgrade their middle or senior management skills.

No Need Of Undergraduate Degree

Our research saw that many master’s programs are tied with a particular bachelor’s degree and full of rules & conditions. It means you need a bachelors degree to pursue a masters degree.

But it’s not the same for those who want to pursue MPA. As I said, earlier students who are doing Master of Public Administration tend to go work in different sectors. That’s the reason why they built this system for MPA for the convenience of the candidates who came from diverse backgrounds.

Disadvantages of an MPA Degree

Competitive Careers

There are few downsides of an MPA Degree. But, unfortunately, competition is one of them. As you know, many people are trying for leadership-level positions in the federal government or even in high paying private-sector jobs. Because of that, you had to be unique to stand out from the crowd.

And about standing out; You will eventually stand out yourself from the candidates without An MPA Degree.

High-Stress Duty

Another con of this degree is that the job or position of duty you get is very stressful. Many sectors that recruit MPA Degree holders are known for being stressed. If you posted and worked in any overseas conflict zone, it’d be more stressful than many other career paths. But on the other hand, it is also rewarding.

Wide Coursework

Because the MPA holder has to work in various public service positions. The coursework is also comprehensive, and they did it because of necessity and design. They want their students to work efficiently in any working atmosphere. However, you may get interested in one particular subject like public policy or non-profit organization if you are looking forward to working in an NGO. 

For some students, this broad coursework is the reason for their turnoff to continue. But the truth is MPA is not for everyone. If you want yourself focused and motivated on one specific subject, then there are programs for you out there.

Final Verdict

In the end, I would say that do as your heart says. You are the only creator of your future. So before deciding anything, do good research. I hope you got all the answers to your questions regarding MPA.

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