Is Alienware Worth It – Why Is Alienware So Expensive

Is Alienware Worth It

“Alienware” whenever you hear this name, the only thing you think about is Gaming. Alienware laptops launched by an American Computer Hardware supplementary of dell. The company believes in manufacturing top-class gaming computers. The laptops they produce always come with a stunning alien-themed outlook.

Is Alienware Worth It

Is Alienware Worth ItIf you think of buying an Alienware laptop, you may think twice because of its high price. Is Alienware worth it? If this question also bothers you, then you should read this article to go through its pros and cons to get yourself out of the confusion.


Different people have various opinions on Alienware laptops. However, if you find these advantages attractive, then you might find it a good choice.

Excellent Performance

Many customers buy Alienware laptops because of their fantastic performance and capacity to run faster and smoother and to cope up with heavy tasks because they make them with powerful components. So let’s get deep into this one. 

Alienware products come with top-notch 10th gen intel core i7 and i9 processors. This processor’s power-ups up to 8-cores and 16 threads of multi-threaded performance give wings to the machine to deal with multiple tasks with ease, and play games or editing videos will be hassle-free, fluent and smooth.

Convenient Keyboard and TouchPad

The Alienware keyboard and touchpad are excellent and user friendly. It comes with an optional 4-zone RGB N-key rollover additional with anti-ghosting technology.

With the help of Pre-key alien FX lighting, One can customize each & Every key according to their needs. In addition, the new Alienware laptop featured a precision point glass touchpad that could deliver the best ever experience to the customer.

Customer Support

If you have any queries regarding Alienware products, you could quickly contact Dell support via email or phone. The company offers you two-year premium support and on-site services. If that’s not enough for you, then you can extend the warranty period, including more services like collect and return service, in-home hardware service, by paying extra fees at the time of buying your new Alienware laptop.

In the end, I would say; Alienware laptops provide you with high performance, convenient keyboard, outstanding outlook, complete ports & slots and with excellent customer support. So if you are a gamer head and do a lot of video editing stuff, this laptop has to be on your buying list.


Meanwhile, there are three mains downsides of Alienware computer

They’re Very Expensive

Alienware takes the prices of its products to a whole new level. Their latest product, ‘Elite Gaming Bundle.’ The highest cost was $3299, but if you do a little research or even a quick search, you’ll get to know that this same setup one can be built in just $2000 or even less. If they think that overcharging a product with a high price will lead customers to buy their product?. Then they’re using the wrong strategy.

Overuse Of Components

You won’t believe it, but in the same $3299 computer they used a $1000 worth processor and as you know that you can build your own computer just for $2000 with the same parts and excellent performance. So you won’t be thinking of spending half of your budget on a processor. It would be ridiculous.

On this topic, some people say that they want the toughest processors. That sounds ok, but sacrificing your other components in your system for one processor is not fine, and that’s the same thing Alienware did to the $3299 worth computer.

Building Balanced System

Now you might think that if they’re spending $1000 for an excellent processor, then they’ll indeed spend some more on an extreme video card. At the very least, they’ll put a crossfire on two high-quality video cards, but NO, instead of that, they featured a $300 video card.

We are not saying that the video card is not sound or compatible; But who knows where it was manufactured, which brand is it or is it used or unused? But the thing is, it doesn’t create a balanced system, and it won’t help to maximize the computer’s performance

Final Verdict

Is Alienware worth it? Everybody has their own opinions and ideas about it. As mentioned above, Alienware laptops have their Pros & Cons, and if one can afford it and is OK with their downsides, they can have it, but if you don’t need that level of performance and are not willing to compromise with their Cons. Then I think Alienware might not be suitable for you.

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