How to Clean Bottom of Pool – Best Guide and Instruction

Clean Bottom pool

The people like to swim in the clean and tidy pool, so it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. The dirty pool is unhygienic and dicey to use as it will cause lots of health problems to the users. Whether the pool is shared by the public or you have your private pool, in both the cases the first and the foremost thing is to maintain it so that users can take benefit of it in the best possible way. If you prepare the cleaning schedule for the swimming pool, then it will provide you great help.

Clean Bottom pool

Now the question is how to clean the surface or bottom of the pool? To answer this question, I will provide you with the guidelines to maintain the purity of the pool. Let’s discuss it-

  • Make use of the telescopic pole to skim and brush the pool. A skimmer net is attached to the telescopic pool. The leaves and debris can be removed with the help of it.
  • Use pool brush to clean the sides, ladders, and steps of your pool. It would be better if you check the brush periodically so that it does not get blocked with dust.
  • Fix the skimmer to the telescopic pole and then use it to clean the surface of the pool. All the debris present on the top of the pool can be removed with the help of it.
  • The pool brush provides great help to clean the sides of the pool as well as stairs. It will be great if you do it on a weekly basis.

To clean the floor of the pool, you can make use of pool vacuum. There are three types of pool vacuum.

  • Suction side cleaners can suck rocks which can harm pool’s filtration system.
  • Pressure side cleaner takes away remains from filtered water as it is attached to the pool filtration system. Some filtering is required for it.
  • The robotic pool cleaner is a very useful as it cleans debris from the bottom of the pool. But if you use it then you have to face the cost factor as it is expensive.

The manual pool vacuum is cost effective that has to be set. It is the handheld pool vacuum. You have to fix the head of the vacuum with the telescopic pole and then lower it into the pool. If the manual vacuum cleaner has the pump, then attach a hose to it. Expel the air from the hose before connecting it to the pump. Then at the bottom of the pool move the vacuum, especially in the areas that are filthier. This dust buster vacuum will clean the grime from the bottom of the pool. It is wise to clean at least once a week to save it from contamination.

Some other ways to maintain the cleanliness of the pool water are as follows-

  • Evaluate the pH level thrice in a week as it helps in keeping the cleanliness of the pool. It should be between 7.2 to 7.6 if it fluctuates then use pH reducer or increaser.
  • Check the filter for debris. If any dust material is blocking the filter then remove it.
  • You can add chlorine tablets to kill bacteria in the pool. The tablets can also be added to the skimmer and automatic feeder to make them germ-free.
  • Sometimes bacteria are released by things like hair, urine, and sweat. So to get it removed use pool shock that will act as the pool cleaner.

How to Clean Bottom of Pool?

Sometimes you find the pool is foul and totally contaminated. Don’t worry! I will provide you with the solution.

  • Use a leaf net to take out debris from the pool.
  • Adjust pH level to the appropriate level and add alkalinity increaser to the pool.
  • Go for pool shock and do admin the result.
  • For few days, run the pool filter for every 24 hours.
  • Use pool vacuum to clean the floor of the pool.
  • All the above points will help you in cleaning the dirty pool. By following these points, you can change your dirty pool to clean pool.


The clean and germ-free pool will extend the lifespan of the pool. The important thing to be considered is that the cleaning mechanism for your pool should be apt. Handheld pool vacuum will provide you the great help in making your pool debris free. Though lots of efforts and time is required to change the green or dirty pool into the clean and tidy pool if you follow the guidelines mentioned above, then you can successfully cure the problem of the unclean pool.

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